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You are not alone

If you are Buying or Selling (or refinancing) your house, 

If you are feeling badly that you haven't made a WILL yet, 

If the process of making your Will seems overwhelming to you,

If you would like to know how much probate tax your estate will have to pay,

If you are upset that your principal residence will be subject to probate tax,

If your spendthrift child or their spouse has thrown a monkey-wrench into your estate planning,

Call 905 727-7775 and let's get together to find solutions that will work for you.

Quality and Attention

You are important and I value your business.

Last Will and Testament, "Living Wills" and General Powers of Attorney

You are leaving a wonderful gift. 

Who will collect your assets and distribute them according to your wishes?

Prior to death, if you become unable to manage your own finances, who do you trust to take good care of you with your money?  

 Include words in your Will that protect a beneficiary whose spouse who may feel entitled to 50% of the growth of that gift upon separation.

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My Real Estate Law Practice and my Wills and Estates Law Practice began early in 1997 after my mother's article, "My Daughter the Lawyer" was published in the Town Crier newspaper in Aurora, Ontario.  I'm grateful for her sense of humour in sharing part of my life with my you.

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